Vehicle Extrication

Extrication is our Rescue Squad's primary call for service. Our members are specially trained through the Tennessee Association of Rescue Squad's Rescue College. This includes Basic Extrication, Advanced Extrication, Farm Rescue, School Bus Rescue, and Big Rig Rescue. This team is trained to extricate a person from wreckage in a variety of ways to prevent further injury to the patient at hand.

Medical Responders

The First Responders are the latest addition to the Rescue Squad. This is a group of medically trained individuals who are Paramedics, Emergency Medical Technicians, and Emergeny Medical Responders. These people respond when there will be a delay from EMS or if the call warrants extra medical personnel. This program was created in October 2010. These responders are required to have certain amount of training every year.Each responder is provided with a medical bag based on their training level that consists of medical supplies and oxygen. We are proud of this program because of the extra care that is provided to the citizens of Putnam County.

Swift Water Rescue

The Swift Water Rescue program is a team of professionally trained water rescue personnel, Who received their training at the Ocoee and Hiawassee Rivers in East Tennessee. This team is capable of working in fast moving water, such as flooded creeks, roads, or larger rivers to remove people who have become trapped in their vehicles or homes due to rising waters. Over the past few years, this team has had a significant increase in their number of calls for service in Putnam County and throughout Middle Tennessee.

Rope Rescue

The Putnam County Tactical Rope Rescue Team is a dedicated highly trained group of individuals ready to respond in a moments notice to the most challenging of rescues. The members are trained in up-to-date methods of rescue by the state instructors and use NFPA certified rescue equipment. Our members are able to perform difficult rope rescues in challenging environments including but not limited to: high angle cliffs/bluffs rescues, cave rescues, sinkhole rescues, technical swift water rescues, and industrial rescues.

Confined Space Rescue

The Trench, Structural Collapse, and Confined Space Team is a unique team who are trained to rescue victims from a variety of accidents. This team has undergone vigorous training to ensure they are able to rescue a victim with regards to safety to themselves, other team members, as well as the victim. This team is especially used in the event of major structure damage from severe weather.

Search & Rescue

The Search and Rescue Team is utilized when a family's loved one, no matter what age or reason, is reported missing. This team often works in the most extreme weather conditions and/or terrain. The personnel of this team are highly trained in search operations and have tracking capabilities.

Dive Team

The Dive Team responds to drownings and a variety of under water searches. They also assist local law enforcement agencies with underwater evidence searches.

Storm Spotters

Storm Spotters are specially trained individuals whom dispatch throughout the county during threats of severe weather. They keep a close eye on the sky in hopes of keeping the residents of Putnam County that much safer during weather threats. If severe weather does strike, they are already mobile to respond quickly to the affected areas and get additional help on the way.

Special Operations

Our Rescue Squad does several things that do not fall into a team. This includes Storm Spotters who assist the Emergency Management Agency in times of severe and inclement weather, assisting the Emergency Medical Services with manpower when requested, and assisting the Emergency Medical Services in the winter during snow storms to reach patients where the ambulance is unable to get to. Rescue Squad personnel also volunteer to help with community events and fundraisers where extra crews are needed to block streets or direct traffic.